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Johnny's is a cosmetic brand located in Pennsylvania that focuses on the health of the human body and strives to maintaining its beauty. Through the heroic acts of John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed, we wanted his story to live on through our products. We make all of our products based on real organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Acne Biting Apple Sauce??? Why Not?

I've chosen this wacky name because of how fun and clever it sounded. This facial apple sauce will detoxify your skin and fight acne naturally through its one key and powerful ingredient:


Apples are known to have many healing properties inside the body and the outside. Various apples range in their abilities.


Green Johnny's Apple

Anti Aging

Yellow Johnny's Apple

High Fiber

Color Palette






The product packaging is of an apple crate enclosing the main ingredient put into the facial mask. Also, since Johnny first planted his apples in Pennsylvania, the Johnny's brand is proud to acknowledge where the main ingredient was grown.


The process for this project was straight forward when I first thought of commemorating Johnny Appleseed. When I first thought of product name, "Acne Biting Apple Sauce" it all came together and I started creating concepts.


Since I have experience with 3D Software, I used the Maya application to make a 3D model of the Johnny's Apple. It was a learning curve, but I was willing to push forward from watching tutorials. After starting all over after my first fault, I became better familiar with Maya.

Early Packaging Concepts

I first wanted the apple itself to have the product information on it by using transparent stickers. This idea wasn't final after seeing that these materials wasn't available to me. I've also made different varieties of apples since apples range in their healing abilities.

3D Render using Adobe Dimension

Work in Progress

After contemplating about the matter, it became clearer by the second. Why not put the apple in its appropriate place. An Apple Crate! Its simple to understand and it'll have windows so the shopper can conveniently see the product inside. It also stands out amongst the rest of the products on the shelf.

Final Designs

Made With:



Maya (3D)

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